Innovative infrared night vission assistance

Osram Opto Semiconductors now offers its extremely compact high-power Synios IRED for automotive applications

New product: IR SYNIOS SFH 4770S A01

• IR lightsource with high efficiency

• Double Stack emitter

• Low thermal resistance (Max. 9 K/W)

• Centroid wavelength 850 nm

• Superior Corrosion Robustness (see chapter package outlines)

• The product qualification test plan is based on the guidelines of AEC-Q101-REV-C, Stress Test Qualification for Automotive Grade Discrete Semiconductors.

  • Infrared Illumination for cameras
  • Eye tracking systems


Wavelength:850 nm
Half angle:±60°
Optical output:typ. 1700 mW at 1.5 A;
1140 at 1 A
Radiant intensity:typ. 530 mW/sr at 1.5 A;
350 mW/sr at 1A
Forward voltage:typ. 3.35 V at 1.5 A; 3.2 V at 1 A
Direct current:max. 1.5 A
Dimensions:2.75 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.6 mm
Thermal resistance:typ. 6 K/W, max. 9 K/W
Operating temperature:- 40 to + 125 °C