OSLON Signal family

OSLON Signal • Traffic Lights at Potsdamer Platz

Colorful portfolio for signal applications

OSLON Signal LEDs support cutting edge traffic light designs with a significantly reduced number of LEDs per signal. The tiny ceramic-based high-performance package from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors sets new standards in terms of electro-optical efficiency even at high temperatures, including a high-efficiency yellow LED with a ceramic converter. OSLON Signal is available in various colors and performance classes, offering bin selections that comply with international and many national standards.

OSLON Signal
OSLON Signal

Broad color portfolio with high efficiency

  • SMD ceramic package with silicone resin with lens
  • Viewing angle 120°
  • Improved corrosion robustness
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Insolated heatsink
  • Radiation pattern
  • Long lifetime materials: silicone and ceramic
  • Electrically isolated heat slug
  • High efficiency (UX :3 Chip technology and lens)
  • Compact size (3 mm × 3 mm)
  • Easy to cluster
  • Comply with ITE 2005, EN 12368
  • Broad color portfolio available
  • Flexibility for different designs
  • Emergency vehicle
  • Traffic light
  • Aftermarket auto
  • Signaling
  • Marker lights
  • Working lights

OSLON Signal

Viewing angle



Typ. Brightness

Grouping Current

LH CP7P80°hyper red645 nm350mW350 mA
LR CP7P80°red624 nm60lm350 mA
LA CP7P80°amber616 nm64lm350 mA
LY CP7P80°yellow590 nm62lm350 mA
LT CP7P80°true green525 nm85lm350 mA
LV CK7P80°verde503 nm76lm350 mA
LB CL7P80°blue472 nm52lm350 mA
LD CQ7P80°deep blue460 nm500mW350 mA
LCW CQ7P80°cold white - 4000-5000K350 mA
LUW CQ7P80°warm white - 6000-6500K350 mA
LJ CKBP120°red612-632 nm60 lm350 mA
LY CKBP120°yellow590 nm60 lm350 mA
LCY CLBP120°yellow
590 nm96 lm350 mA
LT CLBP120°true green535 nm105 lm350 mA
LV CQBP120°verde505 nm70 lm350 mA
LCB CRBP120°blue EVL475 nm65 lm350 mA
LB CRBP120°blue465 nm33 lm350 mA
LUW CRBP120°whitex/Y=0.33/0.33130 lm350 mA
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