TOPLED BLack - High-contrast LEDs for improved readability

High-contrast LEDs for improved readability

The TOPLED Black from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a range of low power LEDs mounted in a black standard package. The black package offers significantly higher contrast with lower reflectivity than comparable white-package devices but with outstanding intensity. This makes the TOPLED Black ideal in display applications where contrast is key, especially in high ambient light conditions.

That's what the TOPLED Black stands for: high contrast, few reflections and focused light.

The TOPLED Black are LEDs with dedicated radiation angles in a black package that deliver superior brightness but with a number of crucial advantages. compared to LEDs in a white package

Higher contrast

The black package boosts contrast, greatly improving readability in any lighting conditions.

Fewer reflections

The black package eliminates reflections caused by incident light, ensuring that displays are razor sharp, even in bright sunlight.

Focused light

The TOPLED Black devices feature a 30°,60 and a120° radiation angle optimized for displays. This means that the light is focused for the viewer, making these the perfect replacement for conventional radial LEDs.

Explore the amount of outstanding technology built into the TOPLED Black

  • Black SMT package
  • Focused radiation pattern (30°, 60° and 120°)
  • Latest ThinGaN or Thinfilm technology
  • Low power (binned @ 20 mA)
  • High brightness in beam direction
  • Available in a range of colors (red, orange, yellow, true green, blue)
  • Pad layout compatible with TOPLED and Power TOPLED
  • Reflow soldering capable
  • Mercury free - RoHs compliant

The TOPLED Black can be used for all kinds of signs and displays


  • Information displays for traffic and public transport
  • Price changer displays
  • Signal and symbol luminares

New possibilities

The TOPLED Black is ideal for any kind of variable message signs

TOPLED Black with lens
  • TOPLED Black with lens
TOPLED Black no lens
  • TOPLED Black no lens

Type 30° lens

Type 60° lens

Type 120°



LR T64FLR T66FLR T6MFred625 nm
LO T64FLO T66F - orange606 nm
LY T64FLY T66FLY T6MFyellow589 nm
LT T64GLT T66GLT TVMGtrue green528 nm
LB T64GLB T66GLB T6MGblue470nm
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