OSLON® SSL - Powerful performance, small size and long lifetime

Powerful performance, small size and long lifetime

OSLON® SSL delivers the high efficacy that is necessary for professional indoor and outdoor lighting. The ceramic based package with its superior corrosion robustness addresses perfectly the needs for long lifetime applications.

High performance with low thermal resistance that enables extended range of driving conditions at customer applications


With a footprint of only 3 x 3 mm, the OSLON® SSL is one of the smallest high-power lensed LED on the market today, thus enabling compact LED arrays and maximizing flux over area.


Some OSLON® SSL can be driven up to 1000 mA while OSRAM’s power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents. A very low thermal resistance ensures cool running and a highly efficient product.

Long lasting

With reasonable thermal management, a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours is easily obtainable, even at high drive currents.

OSLON® SSL white

The OSLON® SSL White LED portfolio impresses by providing a full CRI and CCT range in order to fit perfectly to numerous applications.

OSLON® SSL color

The OSLON® SSL color portfolio provides an unique portfolio of saturated colors. It is an ideal match to all high-light-quality applications in indoor as well as outdoor environment.

OSLON® SSL white

  • Compact footprint (3.0 mm × 3.0 mm)
  • Available in 80° and 150° viewing angle of choice
  • Wide options of CRI and CCT range available
  • Key parameters are binned at 85 °C
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Maximum driving current up to 1.3 A

OSLON® SSL color

  • Compact footprint (3.0 mm × 3.0 mm)
  • Broad range of color selection (451 nm – 730 nm)
  • Available in 80°, 120° and 150° viewing angle
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Maximum driving current up to 1 A
OSLON® SSL - Outdoor Lighting

Interior lighting (home, office, shop, hospitality & museum)

  • Retrofits & fixtures (e. g., flourescent replacement)
  • Spotlights
  • Task lights
  • Shelf lighting
  • Downlights
  • Accent and effect lighting
  • Highbay
  • Horticulture Lighting / Urban Farming

Outdoor lighting

  • Street
  • Tunnels
  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian areas

Architecture and entertainment

  • Color changing fixtures (colored, white, decorative, etc.)
  • Entertainment
  • Stage and studio lighting
OSLON® SSL white binning

OSLON® SSL white binning

OSLON® SSL LED are available in different color temperatures from warm white 2700 K up to cool white 6500 K. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ fine bin system is based on a three-step MacAdams ellipse to ensure color consistency in any lighting application.